Young Writers Mini Saga

I got my 50 word mini saga thing published in this book. But so did Ashley and Elizabeth, and I’m starting to think that every entry received was published…. They got my name wrong, too. I’m Juan Ru Hoong, not Juan Hoong. I told you how inconvenient it was. That’s why I changed my name to Ruru, but for official purposes, I have to use Juan Ru. Anyways, here is what got published.

My anger flared as he walked towards me. I raised my sword.
He took a step closer.
“I’ll never give you the code.” My sword raised infinitesimally higher.
He took another step.
My sword swished through the air.
If my life was all I had to sacrifice, so be it.

Published by ruruhoong

Part-time economist, writer, tanguera. Full time glutton.

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