A new era has come, comrades. It is the one, the only, that shall thrive for the rest of eternity. Its greatness shall be marveled at, its beauty revered, its splendidness admired…

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you……….


Yes, the name is rather obvious. But what you see isn’t what you seek. 

Ponder my cryptic words, comrades, and great wisdom shall be bestowed on you.


Comrade e-Resplendent-a


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  1. Ashley says:

    heehee. imagine if sonico reads this ;D she will be confused! (:

  2. bff4eva2468 says:

    That’s precisely why I wrote it:D It’s too cryptic for anyone except us to understand:)

  3. Ashley says:

    i see ;D did she even see it

  4. Ashley says:

    oh, did i tell you? i have a painting thats a LITTLE like the one up there^^ the one above the title ERA.

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      really? Did you paint it??

  5. Ashley says:

    not really. well, yeah. but i painted it before i changed my blogskin :)

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