Julie and Julia

We watched Julie and Julia after having lunch with grandparents today. This morning I painted half the river scene in my Shanghai painting. I don’t know whether painting pictures of Shanghai is a good idea. It brings back so many memories. Julie and Julia would’ve been a boring movie, but it wasn’t. It was about a woman who had found her meaning in life through her passion, cooking. But at the end of the movie, nothing had changed except her perception of life. I realized that I was right. Life- it doesn’t matter where or who you are- whether you are a farmer in rural China, or the president of the united states- is measured by your mind, yourself. A person’s well-being can only be measured by themselves- if you think you’re happy, you’re happy. Even if the happiness is a delusion, the delusion in itself makes you happy. Many people, like me- they don’t know what their aim in life is, or whether the smile they’re putting up for the sake of others’ happiness is fake or not. I laugh- but don’t know whether my laugh is true. Sometimes I think it is, but it just may not be. But as long as you’re happy- even for just that minute, no laughter, and no smile can be fake as long as you are unsure of it yourself. You can’t fool yourself- what’s the point in trying? Every single little thing in life that we take for granted would be appreciated by someone else.
A person can be sad when they are rich, and happy when they are poor. The right state of mind- where there is no longing for more and material needs- that’s when you’re truly happy. A person could be born into an African village, but know nothing of the world outside, and be happy. But a person can be born into a rich family, and still want more, for they have experienced the luxury. If a person was born and lived in a metal box- would they know anything of society’s expectations? No, not particularly. So if the entire world were black and white, with none of all this ‘right and wrongs’ set for us be ourselves, would our world be a much happier place? These technological advancements and our narrow-minded perceptions of Earth and the universe is evidence of our selfishness. We humans have placed ourselves first- over others of our own kind as well as other animals. Houses, buildings, computers…. Even toilet paper! We have created such a complex society that we honestly couldn’t live without! At least, that’s what we think now. We are disillusioned- living in our own small worlds. It is not anybody’s fault, and the blame cannot be placed on anything. If we did not know of this world, our world- would we want any of this life? Wouldn’t the world be a much easier place to live in if we were colour blind? (If you do not see what I am talking about, this is metaphorical.)
All this is pointless, as nothing can be changed now that it has been done. One day, society will realize how they had brought disaster upon themselves. Look at our world today- there has been three big natural disasters in the course of two months. And those are just disasters nature has returned to us. We have so much more to worry about- what if the economy topples? Those records in banks, stocks, what do they all mean? In a split second, every single thing in the world could mean nothing, and we would be reduced to a cinder. Revivable, but back down to the stage of cavemen. How are we to know that previous human life forms also had computers and what not? How are we to know anything? Our dreams could be reality, and we could be our dreams.

Okay, I have a feeling I may be confusing some people here, so now i shall stop this pointless rant about life and go walk my dog. Life goes on, and that shall be the phrase i’ll live by for the rest of my life.
Fare thee well, (:


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