It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

I think apologies are in order for the deluge of book-review posts. I’ve lost quite a few followers in the past week, probably due to the vast number of book reviews that have nothing at all to do with cooking/baking/photography/travel or the rest of the little things I babble about. I suppose that’s the problem with having a person-centric blog rather than one on a specific topic; you have to get people to like you and everything you post rather than just one facet. The bright side is that you get the best of all worlds.

Anyways I assure you that this post will have nothing at all to do with books!

It’s a bit hard to get into the Christmas spirit in Singapore; Jack Frost doesn’t nip at your nose, hot eggnog only induces more sweat in the uncomfortable sweltering heat, and the only White Christmas you could possibly get is one of fake soapy snowflakes and bird droppings. Not exactly the most ideal place to spend Christmas. A part of me wishes to have those shivering cold winters back, but the reality is that [all through Christmas!] there are people who freeze to their deaths and struggle to keep alive in such harsh conditions. We associate winter with Christmas because of the seasons; but I suppose we neglect the thought that Christmas isn’t about drinking hot peppermint/toffee nut/cranberry chocolates in the snow, or presents or Santa or even family. It’s about Jesus’ birth.

Feliz Navidad.

As an agnostic, why should I (or the millions of other people who aren’t Christian) celebrate Christmas? Over the years Christmas has come to symbolize sharing, giving, loving, and offers a reason and a chance for families to get together. What are Christmas trees and presents for but a joyful experience for families to spend time and bond with each other? Staunch Christians find heart in the worship of the Lord, I find joy in the warmth of love. I think we’ve lost sight of that. Candy canes, Santa Claus, presents- they’re only mediums through which this spirit of Christmas is conveyed. We’ve forgotten.

Look at how long-winded I am sometimes, I set out to blog about one thing and end up droning about another.

Anyways, there’s nothing more satisfying and uplifting as card-making in the blissfully cool air-con with a cup of steaming hot chocolate and stroopwafel in hand. The firm snip-snip of the scissors, the squishy pop-up delight of the foam dots, the psychedelic myriad of colorful papers- such leisurely indulgence! No worries, no thoughts- just the feel of Christmas all around.

The product of two hours’ hard work! Beautifully Christmas-sy, no?
Another shot because one simply can’t get enough of these cards!
Adorable mittens; hardly practical but utterly lovable. I suppose I’ve overcome my phobia of polka-dots and come to love their whimsical contrast with the old-fashioned Christmas background!

Christmas cards

Material: Scrapbook or Christmas Paper (each square piece can be cut into three and folded into three Christmas cards); Colored Paper (2 different designs) for mittens/stockings/ornaments/whatever suits your fancy (or rows your boat; what funny idioms); Snowflake-shaped Cutter; Hemp/Jute string; Mini Wooden Clips; Super Glue; Foam Dots; Scissors; Pencil.

The rest is self-explanatory; these are just some design ideas/ pointers! If only I could do this for a living (Just kidding, I wouldn’t give up maths for the world.) Maybe when I have time on my hands somewhere in the distant future, I’ll make cards for charity. (Fun things should be for a good cause!)

Nothing like a good crafty session to get you into the Christmas groove.

Tralalalalalalala  ♫

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