New Beginnings

Ridiculously optimistic about the new year now school has started, albeit off to a crawling one. Did some registration, assemblies, and then ice breaker whatnot. Usually I’m the type to shy away from such games- I take part in them to the fullest of my capacity but I keep my mouth closed lest I show my apprehension towards such activities. Smiling, but laconically. Things like these make me retreat into my shell.


But today wasn’t a usual day. And I think I’ve slowly grown out of the recoil-from-pointless-physical-nonsensity phase and finally emerged in the be-happy-smile-meet-new-people-and-be-all-enthusiastic vibe.

Apart from being incredibly elated about my tutor group (Mr. Denousse is brilliant) and about the new people, I did feel a sense of delight when Mr. Z spoke about CAS and all that and mentioned this:

I am what I repeatedly do.

I choose what I repeatedly do.

Therefore, I choose what I am.

Aristotle! And his syllogisms! I was just mulling over his page in The Philosophy Book a few weeks back. But his argument is based on premises that may not necessarily be true. Are we what we repeatedly do? The sum of us is not defined by what we do, but what we think as well. Do we have a choice over what we do? Not in all circumstances.

But one always has a choice.

Such contradictions.

Anyways, I promise that I’ll review all of the rest of the books I read during the holidays, I give you my utmost assurance. Or maybe I’ll save some to another day, I still have yet to reveal my favorite book of all time.


Imagination decides everything.


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