Lord Turnbull and the ‘Really Inconvenient Reality’

Lord Turnbull came to give a presentation on his ‘Really Inconvenient Truth’ about climate change today, but all I got out of it was the reflection of a ‘Really Inconvenient Reality’. His presence here was showered with prestige, but tainted with an unfair amount of conceit. Not on Lord Turnbull’s part- but rather, the entireContinue reading “Lord Turnbull and the ‘Really Inconvenient Reality’”

Menya Musashi, STARamen@StarVista

A typical saturday lunch out at Star Vista would mean jostling crowds, long snaking queues, and a resulting virtually immovable apathy towards simply shuffling forward to find a place to dine. But apparently weekday lunches are the opposite. The church-slash-shopping-mall-because-of-mercenary-pastors-nowadays are all the rage during the weekends, but relatively desolate and abandoned during the week.Continue reading “Menya Musashi, STARamen@StarVista”

Kith Café

There are few things more pleasurable than having a leisurely stroll along the promenade stretching down the Singapore River- it is a place brimming with quaint cafés and exuberant restaurants, perfect for tourists and foodies alike (although, you must admit, sometimes the two come hand in hand). Until you notice the murky waters of theContinue reading “Kith Café”

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Mohamed Sultan Road. A hallowed boulevard cluttered with the occasional quaint café and brunch-with-eggs-and-toast haunt- the kind of place you’d go to sip a petite cap while tapping away furiously on your laptop&iPad. Also, the place to go should you feel any desire to get lost. Because get lost we certainly did. With half anContinue reading “Laurent Bernard Chocolatier”

What it truly means to be Lasallian

Today I met up with A.S and A. at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier to have a good catching up, and the conversation that we struck up really resounded with the very core of who I am. We talked about Lasallian Leadership Training Camps (in which selected students with ‘leadership potential’ are sent to for an introductionContinue reading “What it truly means to be Lasallian”

Galloping in the Grandstand: Turf City- Omakase; La Benaton; Latte E Miele

A day at the races. Ladies in pristinely white lace dresses adorned with indicate embroidery, swinging their petite parasols to and fro. Men in their black suits and white buttons, curtsying and sweeping their hats off in a flowery motion. Horses racing by, a flurried blur of speckled brown and psychedelic jerseyed riders. A pictureContinue reading “Galloping in the Grandstand: Turf City- Omakase; La Benaton; Latte E Miele”

Crusading with the CAS

Yesterday marked the beginning of a new voyage; a glorified pilgrimage of sorts for dozens of famished foodies that came together to share their love for noshing. That’s right, my first CAS (Culinary Appreciation Society- clever acronym!) outing. We hopped on the bus to Nex (in Serangoon), and arrived there in about a quarter of anContinue reading “Crusading with the CAS”