Krabi: Escape into idyllic paradise

The throaty rumble of the boat across choppy waters
Whooshes to secluded beaches in little splutters
Advances towards the blissful haven
Isolated; radiant heaven

Waves roll gently in, caressing the golden sand
Gritty specks, grasped in outstretched hand
Blossoming flowers, tucked behind ears
Whisper soothing tunes for all to hear

There is little hurt blowing in the palms
No cause to cringe, bereft of qualms
Wait, no- Except, maybe for the salt in the sea
But what stings often heals- so let be

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Krabi is an alluring beach destination that tourists of all kinds flock to; a place that epitomizes Thailand’s paradisal holiday getaways. Although I admit the vast amount of tourists was rather daunting, the holiday was nevertheless an incredibly enjoyable one- a much needed escape from the mounting pressures of urban life.

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Part-time economist, writer, tanguera. Full time glutton.

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