Ceylon Tea Plantations: Gastronomical Wonders

Once a colony of the British empire, Sri Lanka (formerly known as British Ceylon) is very much dotted with quaint colonial buildings and sprawling bungalows set atop tea plantations. We had the privilege to stay in Norwood bungalow for two nights and our experience there was simply astounding. From sipping tea in the plush living room tapping our feet with Dean Martin’s jazzy tunes, to taking hour-long bubble baths with green tea scented bath soap – the place was luxurious and the service impeccable.

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of the place wasn’t the picturesque sprawling tea plantations. Perhaps not even the staff and butlers with their joyful smiles and accommodating hospitality.

It was definitely the food.

The moment we arrived we were whisked off by eager (yet unimposing) butlers to the dining room to have tea.

A few hours later an absolutely jaw-dropping dinner was served. I’d gladly take their 6 meals a day.

The next day we took a tour of the tea factory and then decided to go to Tsientsin bungalow for lunch. The food there was impeccable too.

Dinner was a more unassuming Sri Lankan cuisine- but just as tasty. My little sister asked the chef to prepare a beautiful medium rare steak (which came out perfectly ruby red and divine) instead, and I ended up stealing half her dinner.


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  1. Nadia says:

    Hi Ruru!
    Your food pictures are so gorgeous! I’m delighted you enjoyed your stay at Norwood and certainly hope you visit us again.
    Nadia – Brand Manager : Ceylon Tea Trails.

    1. ruruhoong says:

      Thank you! Had an amazing time there and will definitely go back when the opportunity arises! Truly had a wonderful experience and the impeccable service (and food) made for a delightful stay.

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