Hidden Hideaways: The Lemontree Bistro

Culinary Appreciation Society. A mention of the club brings amused chuckles and knowing glances- everyone takes it as a barely concealed excuse for spoilt kids with a buck to spend to rack up the CAS points whilst spending time with friends. Oui… Mais non. Finally some bona fide food enclave searching; purveyors of unbeknownst cafés and bistros…

Menya Musashi, STARamen@StarVista

A typical saturday lunch out at Star Vista would mean jostling crowds, long snaking queues, and a resulting virtually immovable apathy towards simply shuffling forward to find a place to dine. But apparently weekday lunches are the opposite. The church-slash-shopping-mall-because-of-mercenary-pastors-nowadays are all the rage during the weekends, but relatively desolate and abandoned during the week….