Ruru Hoong is a PhD candidate in Economics at Harvard & HBS.

Her research interests currently span public/labour/ behavioural economics, focusing mostly on education and social mobility. She is particularly interested in the impacts of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and data privacy on both. She graduated from Stanford in 2019, and is a Global Priorities Fellow at the Forethought Foundation at Oxford and a research affiliate at IQSS. Prior to graduate school she has worked/interned at BCG, the World Bank, Singapore’s Ministry of Finance and Education, and GIC.

When not doing research, she likes to read, write, dance tango, listen to jazz, and throw clay ‘round a wheel (mostly to complement her excessive tea consumption). She is a 2020 graduate of Faber Academy and is currently writing and re-writing her first speculative fiction novel — a dual narrative exploring the role of the Modern Woman in 1920s/2020s Shanghai & Southeast Asia through the lens of tea. Her latest writing can be found here.

If you are her advisee, office hours sign-ups are here.