Research & Writing

Working Papers

Self Control and Smartphone Use: An Experimental Study of Soft Commitment Devices (under review)
[Draft: Feb 2020] [Appendix & Bibliography] [Data]

Opinion Articles/ Informal Papers

Causality: A Hidden Casualty of the Gun Debate, Stanford Politics
[Published: Sep 2018] [Stanford Politics]

Singapore’s Primary 1 Registration: Redesigning the School Choice Mechanism, Berkeley Economic Review
[Published: Feb 2018] [BER Spring]

The Potential Loser in the Uber-Didi “Win-Win”, Stanford Politics
[Published: Sep 2016] [Stanford Politics]

Kenneth Arrow on the Irrationality of Our Voting System, Stanford Politics (& Ethics in Society)
Published: May 2016] [Stanford Politics]

UN Director-General Michael Møller on Embracing Our Collective Responsibility, Stanford Politics
[Published: Feb 2016] [Stanford Politics]

How Sustainable are Third-Party Taxi Companies?, Stanford Politics
[Published: Jan 2016] [Stanford Politics]

Understanding Xi Jinping’s US Visit, Stanford Politics
[Published: Sep 2015] [Stanford Politics]


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