The Best of Both Worlds: Living Alternate Lives in Stanford and Oxford

“It’s hard to feel comfortable around you, or, you know, the same, knowing that you’ve studied in not just one, but two of the world’s most elite universities,” a friend of mine divulged during our annual catch-up, an occurrence limited by the once-yearly frequency of our returns to our hometown of Singapore. “Stanford and Oxford. Wow. Just wow.”…

Truth, freedom, and identity: scattered travel thoughts

The contemporary struggle for truth and freedom isn’t quite contemporary; it’s a debate that existed long before the horrors of 2016 (I apologise for referencing Buzzfeed), Conway’s #alternativefacts, or the purported end-of-American-democracy-as-we-know it. We often hear that we are at crucial crossroads, teetering on a precipice of intolerance and deceit never before encountered — but the conflation…


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Ruru Hoong

Hi, I’m Ruru. I started this blog in 2009 to share my thoughts and writing; against my better judgment, I’ve yet to delete it! When I’m not doing research on Economics, I can be found writing, dancing tango, or pottering about with a cup of tea.

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