Spain December 2011

Last winter’s escapade to Spain was one filled with delights, both in gastronomical terms (the food there was simply divine) and in architectural and cultural wonders. I loved Spain. The shopping opportunities and coastal views didn’t hurt, either.

This roll was shot with my Diana F+, 120mm film (Can’t remember which type, but I think it was ISO 160, Fujifilm?)

It was my first time experimenting with the Splitzer and the 120 format, so I think the results were pretty decent. I found the film rather grainy though, have to say I won’t be buying the film again. I think it was expired film, however, I remember picking it up somewhere for 4 big ones.

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This is only a small snippet of it, I also snapped a few polaroids and a roll of B&W (which, sadly, one year on, still hasn’t been sent for developing!). I promise to upload the B&W if they turn out alright.

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