Piffling Postages

Things have been a bit of a convoluted Christmas-light-esque jumble of tangled wires lately, but suffice to say these few days have been incredibly eventful ones.

The past week has been frenetic- from helping out at Open House 2013 (a chaotic jumble of 400 people!) to watching The Importance of Being Earnest, to multiple IAs and impending tests and speeches, to yesterday’s dinner hosted in honor of Mr. Lawrence Da Silva- but it was all worth it and altogether an incredibly amazing week.

I think thanks are in order for Wilde Rice for being so receptive of my  review- you can only imagine how much I gushed and enthused after finding out that my blog had over 100 referrals from twitter (I still marvel at the world of rapidly advancing technology), realizing that my blog had been tweeted and retweeted by a handful of actors in Wilde Rice’s production The Importance of Being Earnest. Twitter, Facebook– and now even on the Sistic website.

I admit, I’m a little more than abashed at my rhapsodizing, fan-girl resembling response to their attention (after all, normal reviewers don’t whoop with joy and dance around their room when their reviews are published) but the fact that half a dozen of Singapore’s most prominent actors have seen and applauded my review has certainly lifted my spirits.

As for the Open House last week, I think I realized the incredible power of the spoken word. Our school has grown tremendously: but nothing has brought the parents flocking so much as the reputation passed on by word of mouth. It’s funny how that once-elusive sense of patriotic school pride flutters to life at such events- seeing how far our school has come fills me with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

And that was the same satisfaction that swept me off my feet yesterday at the Thanksgiving Dinner. Looking at the transformed assembly hall- ceiling draped in prestigious white and green; luscious carpets rolling down the middle aisle; distinguished guests gazing with warm benevolent gazes- I wondered how all this came about. The wonderment that besieged me filled me with a deep joy and love- I finally knew what it felt like to have a sense of belonging. This is my school- our school- and as I started to recite the poem I wrote in dedication for Mr. Da Silva, I realized just how much his actions influenced the school, and how much this school changed my life.

And so thank you, Mr. Lawrence Da Silva.

Thank you for your love. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for making all of this possible.

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