Lost Horizon, by James Hilton

There are books that, after an intense and exhilarating read, leave you perturbed and agitated; there are books, incidentally, that, after a calm, mildly thought-provoking rumination, leave you calm and collected.

Then there are books that coax the life out of these two worlds; long, undulating colorful strands, plucked from the most delicate of glowing lanterns; emanating life, wisdom – a peaceful yet perturbed serenity, that enshrouds the mind in a psychedelic array of dazzling, yet not exceedingly extraordinary hues. These hues obscure an undercurrent of human sentiment, unacknowledged longing, and resonant meaning that draws the oblivious reader into a world of delight – a strangely rooted fantasy with a piquant story, that at once both tickles the imagination and grabs hold of the dear earth with relentless grip.

A book that leads the reader into a lost horizon.

A book leaves you with a sense of aching, yet a sense of satisfaction. A sense of melancholy, yet a sense of wonderment. A sense of longing, and yet

Enough words.

Nothing I say will do this book justice. For analyzing it would be forced, and judging it would be pointless.

Everything in moderation, I suppose.

Just read it and you’ll understand.

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Part-time economist, writer, tanguera. Full time glutton.

2 thoughts on “Lost Horizon, by James Hilton

  1. Hi Ruru, I consider you to be pretty well-read – I’ve been following your blog for a while now. Just wondering, do you know any poems about corruption (of power). I need to have two related texts for Lord of the Flies and I already have Apocalypse Now, I just need one more. Please, please help me!

    1. Hi there! Hmm, frankly I’m not as acquainted with poetry as with literature – I would definitely recommend reading Animal Farm by George Orwell and Island, by Aldous Huxley. Just for fun even if you don’t need it :)

      There is one poem I know – Hawk Roosting (by Ted Hughes, I think? Studied one of his poems for my IGCSE exam), in which he basically writes from the point of view of an eagle (basically dominating power, terrible ego, and complete corruption with no incentive to change).

      Hope this helps!

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