The Lost Island


Lucy pondered over many things in her lifetime. But there was one thing that she never gave much thought to.


Most people fear death, yet Lucy wasn’t the slightest bit hesitant as she unsheathed her sword.

She would stick to her decision.

If her life was all she had to sacrifice to save the world, so be it.

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  1. Kar Yeng says:

    This story is, like, really nice and interesting! You can write so well! xD!
    Oh, how do you publish it? Just asking. =)
    Keep it up! I wanna read more! Lolz.
    xD XD xD!!!

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      Really? Thx, but I really don’t think it’s nice. Oh, to publish it, uh…. I don’t really know. I just researched on publishing companies, and none of them receive unsolicited material -.- and those that do, you have to be above 18. So. Big bummer. I guess you could publish it yourself or smth, get some kind of package from a publisher…

  2. Kar Yeng says:

    Is the second chapter out or only the first paragraph? And why is my picture one of green and white shapes?
    Sry, just asking.

  3. bff4eva2468 says:

    Only the first paragraph. It’s green and white shapes because the website just chooses it for you. You have to go change your gravatar (get an account) to change the pic.

  4. Ashley says:

    LOL. you people are so cute ^_^
    Ru, you should change it to the faces one cos its cuter (:

  5. bff4eva2468 says:

    What faces one?

  6. Blysse says:

    It’s fine. You can try if you want to self-publish.

  7. Ashley says:

    You can change it to that faces one.

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      Oh. But that was the preset one. This picture is of my garden in Shanghai :D

  8. Ashley says:

    yes i see that. but you can change the preset one to the faces one so that other people can have nice faces instead of strange patterns.

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      The preset one was the faces one!!!!! lol. so i can’t get it back. it’s not my pic.

  9. Ashley says:


    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      I pressed space many times like this: .

  10. Ashley says:

    okay…. but when i do that it just goes away.

  11. Ashley says:

    Very suspenseful (: type chapter 4 quickly! keep it up, girl :D

  12. Sonica :) says:

    I wanna read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    It’s much more interesting then ‘certain’ *hint* stories!!
    Why do I have 2 put my email add????

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      I dunno. Have you read the twig story yet? It’s better:D

      1. Ashley says:

        she just said it was better than that…
        heehee, she’s just really irritated.
        but i agree that it is better anyway (: heehee

        sonico, its because you’re a twig (:

  13. Sonico says:

    i mean that your story is much better than a certain plotless, hardheartening story… :) keep it up.


    1. Ashley says:

      Dare say its written badly, and i’ll… do something. GRR. sometimes you cant think of something bad enough to do to SOME people.

  14. Sonica says:

    NO! I MEAN SONICA. RURU! You made me do it!

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      Sonico, hmm. looks like you’re Sonico afterall. TWIG.

      1. Ashley says:

        Yeah! I thought you were busy with your MT work? You should have done that just now :)

  15. Ashley says:

    Hi! You must use weirder words and phrases! Use the thesaurus!

  16. Ashley says:

    Random ideas you MUST use in your story:

    1. “Harvey Norman, Go Harvey Norman, GO!”
    2. a yellow towel
    3. a mosque
    4. “How to save a life”
    5. a baboon

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      It’s “Go Harvey, go Harvey, go Harvey Norman, Go!” You know I heard that on the radio on July 7th, 2007. I clearly remember because that was the day when I was on the way to the airport to fetch my pre-ordered Harry Potter 7 book and I randomly turned on the radio. I just finished golf class then.

      1. Ashley says:

        Oh okay. (: I hear that all the time on the radio, and also when i’m in harvey norman ITSELF. (:

  17. Joan says:

    Ru, The Lost Island is a great story, it’s just like something you’d read in a book :)

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      Thank you :D
      Am I going to meet you this weekend?

      1. Ashley says:

        No. Of course not! But on monday you will meet me (:

  18. bff4eva2468 says:

    Very funny, Ashley. I’ll meet you TOMORROW.

  19. Ashley says:

    Yes I know. I’m not that dumb. (:

  20. Vanessa says:

    I envy your writing skills… Or maybe just the fact that you can write so much with THAT MAGIC ZAP!!!

    ooohhh… WRITE FASTER!!!… pls? =)

  21. bff4eva2468 says:

    THANK YOU, again. Have you gone on Ashley’s blog? During that time that we waited an hour for the bus in PE, Ashley and I were playing the game where someone starts off with a word, then the other continues, so we came up with a really silly story. Then I came up with the more sensible plot for “dancing with twigs”, and Ashley, the most BRILLIANT writer in the world, started writing it :D. READ IT!

  22. Greenn----ZN XIAODI says:

    Hi, just wondering, How do you make that yellow box before the story? is it a blockquote? =D thanks. reply to my wordpress blog, thanks.

  23. Ashley says:


  24. Vanessa says:

    Yeah, how do you do that? =)

    I can’t do it….

    And wads the pass for the dancing twigs story? =)

  25. Greenn----ZN XIAODI says:

    You just create new pages for each chapters. ~

  26. Greenn----ZN XIAODI says:

    ohh, by the wayy, my name’s zuning :D ~

  27. liz says:


    First time I’m commenting on this. (:
    Your story is really nice! Hehe.

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      Thanks :D

  28. SonicO says:

    Nice indeed!
    Better than pipely toabit’s!!!!!
    k, ash’s story’s not plotless, but it’s bad, k ruru!
    really bad.
    gives u nightmares.
    ue the word ‘aura’ in ur story, ash!

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      所你叩,how come you always give constructive comments to her story and not mine?????? HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP::::::::::::::::::::(((((((((((((((((((

  29. sonica says:

    ruru, can u pls stop editing the comments n spelling my name as sonico???? i dun mind, but i’d rather stick 2 sonica.

    vanessa, dun even ask 4 the password 2 dancing wid twigs. it’s a living disaster!

  30. sonica says:

    no fair, why’s the pic on the side brown! not a nice colour!

  31. Ashley says:

    i’ll post the password for vanessa here ;D its…

    oh my gosh, its not even alive. please talk about my story on my blog, and ruru’s on hers. it just doesnt make sense to mix it up. :)

  32. sonica says:

    ruru, delete ash’s comment wid the password, now that vanessa has it. PLS!

  33. sonica says:

    well then, ruru i repeat, ash fynn tan is the third most annoying person on the face of dis earth. :) btw, u cum second, ruru. hahahah.

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      :P You come first.

  34. Tashfia says:

    Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! How in this buttless world do you people write so well??? It’s as though you write it so naturally… I can’t do that even if I tried:( Anyway, I LOVED IT, and I’m waiting [EXTREMELY IMPATIENTLY] for the next chapter. And I don’t mean to be rude, but, HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!! Thanks for the entertainment, I died laughing while reading your comments:)))

  35. Tashfia says:

    Yay, I like the avatar picture thingy the gave me, it’s a nice colour and pattern… Anyway, where can I read the dancingwithtwigs story??? And is it Sonico who wrote it or pipely toabit?? REPLY VERY VERY VERY VERY SOON FOR MY SAKE:)

  36. Tashfia says:

    Sorry if I’m making too many comments at once, I’m just bored…
    But what does ‘your comment is awaiting moderation mean’? And what does moderation mean?? You see, I a a stupid person person whose compositions and stories are very badly written, so I nedd to increase my vocabulary… Thank you:)

  37. Tashfia says:

    I think I’m practically spamming you now, but I promise I won’t comment after this for atleast a few hours, but the wrong spellings in the previous comment are actually accidental, I wasn’t actually trying to make myself sound stupid just for evidence, if you know what I mean, and please post the next chapter soon… :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      Haha. Thank you for reliving my blog:) Sorry I’m so late in replying, because I don’t stay up till 1 am in the morning:) Where did you get the passwords from, anyways? Oh, oh, oh. I know, facebook.
      And btw, pipely toabit wrote dancing with twigs. Would Sonico write it herself? I think not.
      Comment awaiting moderation means that since you are commenting for the first time, I have to approve your comment first:) Again, I’m not awake at 1 am to do that:)
      And you’re not stupid:)
      And your “buttless” comment has made my day:)

      Oh oh oh, and sorry the next chapter is coming only on october 15th:( Tests are so annoying.

  38. Tashfia says:

    Haha, thanks for replying and you’re welcome for making your day:)
    Oh, and not many people are awake at 1am in the morning except me and maybe kar yeng and that’s because I can’t sleep before 12 even if I don’t have anything to do at that time. You’re right, tests are the most annoying things on earth besides my sister. And, I guess you have a point, Sonica wouldn’t write it herself, since she’s the one who says it’s buttless (plotless). Where do I read it???

    1. bff4eva2468 says:

      Ashley’s blog @ wait, wait… Let me go check. Be back in a sec.

      1. bff4eva2468 says:

        Got it.
        Password is sonicolovestwiglet
        (I didn’t come up with the password)

  39. Tashfia says:

    Thank you thank you thank you so much, and I like the password, Ashley:)
    (No offence, Sonica) But obviously, SOME people (besides me, of course) do not understand that once you say ‘no offence’, the ‘offence’ is taken. Sorry, got carried away… Anyway, I’m really looking forward to chapter 7:)

  40. Kar Yeng says:

    AAHHH!!! I didnt noe u posted six chapters already! So quick! ><

    ~xD XD xD!!!~

  41. Kar Yeng says:

    Hey.. I typed a pretty long comment but all that came out was only the first and last line..?

  42. Kar Yeng says:

    I cant read ur story leh… I typed the password but it keeps going back to the same page. Why? Is the password diff?

  43. bff4eva2468 says:

    what password did you use? thelostislandru? the password changed, i sent everyone an email.

    1. Vanessa says:

      EEEH!!! I didnt get ur email… *cries*

      Now i cant read ur story…

      1. bff4eva2468 says:

        Aah i know. i don’t have your email address:( So i asked people to forward to you but no one did:( I don’t care, i’ll just post the password here..
        chapter 1 : chapterone
        chapter 2: chaptertwo
        and so on…. :D

  44. sonica says:

    pipely toabit!!!!!! why did u post d password on facebk!!! meany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n tashfia, pls hate her story!!!! eva heard of loyalty 2 ur frens, miss stay-awake-at-1am-in-d-morn??? rulion, deleteur response wid the password 2 dancing wid twigs NOW!!!!!!!! poochy!!!! hahahah. say thks 2 ray ray (sp?). HHOORRIIBBLLE art 2dae! :( c ya in a few hrs!

  45. Ashley says:

    its been a long time since i came to this page; i see that *SOME* people have been gossiping about me…

    contrary to untrue rumours being spread by a certain breed of onicorn, i have not posted ANY password on fb. that was actually RURU, if you had read the comment properly.

    anyway i will not continue my story for *a while* since it sucks. (shut tb up onicore, i can hear you screaming in triumph even from my seat in my room) so yeahh. (: for your info, ruru.

    i bet you dont want to continue mine.

    oh, why cant i make the text smaller.

    oooh, this comment is smiley-less. because there are no smileys on my indifferent face now. well, -.-

  46. Ashley says:

    that was random.

  47. bff4eva2468 says:

    haha. yeah. you should continue dancing with twigs:)

  48. Dylan says:

    Hi Ruru, its dylan.

    My Email is PLEASE sent me the password ASAP.

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