King Periphral sat on the back of his horse, gazing up at the moonlit castle as he trudged into enemy territory.

With luck, the majestic castle rising from the ground before him would soon be his.

A ripple of excitement went down his spine as he slowed just short of the forest periphery. He turned around.

“Commander Violetta, arrange the soldiers into the formation.”

The slender figure on his right saluted and began motioning to the vast army.

“Captain Vailos, make sure no one notices us.”

The tall, muscular man on his left gave a curt nod. King Periphral smiled and patted the brown mane of his horse as he watched his troops move silently into their places.

Silence is deathly, he thought. He watched the silent procession with equanimity. In a few hours, the greatest war in the history of Andasern was to be fought, and he was to win.



The rose-pink light of dawn cast beams of light that fell through the dense foliage. A spot of light shone directly on the majestic soldier swathed in a collection of red robes and shining armor.

King Periphral looked up at the rising sun.

It was time.

4 thoughts on “Preface

  1. Hi RuRu. Of course you know who i am… I read the prequel. it was awesome! i loved it! i cant wait to see what else you come up with… c u in school :D

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