Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Mohamed Sultan Road. A hallowed boulevard cluttered with the occasional quaint cafĂ© and brunch-with-eggs-and-toast haunt- the kind of place you’d go to sip a petite cap while tapping away furiously on your laptop&iPad. Also, the place to go should you feel any desire to get lost. Because get lost we certainly did. With half anContinue reading “Laurent Bernard Chocolatier”

Idyllic Sundays

Pumps of adrenalin surge through your veins as you cross the short expanse of the tennis court- legs flying over the green surface, breath gasping in short puffs, muscles stiffening in preparation for the impact;– then, all of a sudden, time stops. The ball falls slowly, exaggeratedly towards you as you screech to a stop,Continue reading “Idyllic Sundays”

Christmas lovin’

People bake for relaxation, but I think it may be quite the opposite for me. I don’t feel quite as relaxed as I do tanning with a strawberry milkshake in the swimming pool. I find baking to be liberating, not relaxing. My thoughts are often hard to control and always spiraling in different directions- andContinue reading “Christmas lovin’”