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*Note: This post was written in 2015 so university application processes may have changed since then. I intended to start a university application section under my IB Revision blog, but I have since decided to pass the blog to my school to manage, so it’s easier for me to address the university application cycle through my own personal blog! A lot of you have come to me with questions over other social media platforms, but feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

Many students that have taken the IB Diploma go on to pursue higher education at esteemed tertiary institutes, and I’m sure a lot of you are as concerned/frustrated/excited/totally nonplussed as I was with university applications!

As I applied for universities in the US and the UK, I have compiled some useful resources that have helped me tremendously in my applications.

Just a little bit about where I applied to:

I applied to Oxford, Warwick, Durham, UCL and York for PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) and received conditional acceptances to all of them with the exception of UCL as I withdrew my application to UCL when I received my Oxford acceptance (they hadn’t replied by then, because they have a very small intake of PPE students and wait to receive all applications before deciding).

For the US, I applied to Stanford under the Restrictive Early Action program and was accepted in mid-December, so I withdrew my applications to my other US universities.

Applying to the UK

Applying to the US 

One thought on “University Applications

  1. Hello, I stumbled onto your site about 20 minutes ago, whilst revising for my IGCSE Geography exam next week. I soon found myself reading your personal statement for the University of Oxford (coincidentally, the university I’m targeting with a course in PPE as well… what are the odds?) and I’d really like to get your e-mail address for advise and tips on how to achieve the level of academic success you’re undoubtedly basking in. Hope to hear from you soon, Lorraine.

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