Splendid Illusions on the East Coast: Orlando ’12

Apologies for the delay; I had my second roll of Kodak developed just this last week. I really can’t stop marveling at the vibrant, saturated colors: they’re absolutely brilliant- the white streaks of cloud rippling across the startlingly blue sky- just perfect.

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Spending 5 days in theme parks was a tiring ordeal, although it was a wonderful experience. Theme parks no longer hold the same allure as they once did; perhaps this is the mark of growing up. All I see is a rather fake (although cheery) atmosphere all around, with kids running about pumped with adrenalin. A funny place to be, but not one I would spend time in for more than a few days. The food in Disney and Universal was astonishingly good, however, which was a pleasant surprise.

Where dreams come true.

(Or, where dreams are created.)

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