Why I Love Maths

Why; I Love Math
Yes, you heard correctly-
Why I Love Math.

A question people ask frequently
It never ceases to puzzle me
How could you not love math?
It is wonderfully adept
with many possibilities in fact
Infinity to be exact.

It is much like a lover.
A lover, you say?
Yes, a lover –
its the solution to your x
yet rarely the answer to your ys.
Well that’s not right you declare
How could maths beat my natural flair?

You and I–?
could never add up better than a Riemann sum.
You and I–?
Are like the sum to infinity of a geometric series when r is more than one.
[(for those of you in here that have a life),
–that’s impossible.]

Maths- maths I say
It takes you to the limit just as X approaches infinity
And just when you think you’re about to reach the sky
guess what
Turns out it’s never-ending
-like pi!

With maths you can tango
–Trust me I’m always right;–
like a 90 degree angle

No you’re wrong you say,
well your words are terribly misconstrued
Reductio ad absurdum, I have ruled

You can’t possibly be serious, you adamantly say
This, must be a spoof.
well you can’t argue
I have laid my proof.

Published by ruruhoong

Part-time economist, writer, tanguera. Full time glutton.

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Maths

  1. This is wonderful! It’s so true; I always wonder why people ask I love Add Math, because they think it’s absurd… I think it’s beautiful.

    Mathematics has so much beauty, hidden beneath variables yet unknown. It’s ravishing, taking you on a journey, with many stops and platforms along the way. Sometimes you get lost, sometimes you fall… but then you realize, that it’s about the journey to get there, and in the end, when you do, nothing else adds up to the feeling!

    [Just don’t apply what I said to normal maths… Extended Maths… I fail that… mostly…]

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