To Marguerite – Continued

By Matthew Arnold Yes! In the sea of life enisled, With echoing straits between us thrown, Dotting the shoreless watery wild, We mortal millions live alone. The islands feel the enclasping flow, And then their endless bounds they know. But when the moon their hollows light, And they are swept by balms of spring, AndContinue reading “To Marguerite – Continued”

Household Gods, by Philip Hobsbaum

Household Gods “I mirrored their breaking lives,I saw their pale Distraught coming and going, lined despair, His shaken bulk, her calm pose in the doorway— I saw them. I was there.” “I have so long been silent, even now Hardly at all remember how her slim Long fingers once caressed me—was that how At oneContinue reading “Household Gods, by Philip Hobsbaum”

Why I Love Maths

Why; I Love Math Yes, you heard correctly- Why I Love Math. A question people ask frequently It never ceases to puzzle me How could you not love math? It is wonderfully adept with many possibilities in fact Infinity to be exact. It is much like a lover. A lover, you say? Yes, a loverContinue reading “Why I Love Maths”


I like the pace of my world. It’s busy, but for me, the less I do the lazier I get. Another incredibly hectic week. After a frenzied week of missing school intermittently for Tobacco Summits, Director General of Education visits, etc.- I was greeted by a week of tests (that abashedly I only studied for the dayContinue reading “Busy.”

Krabi: Escape into idyllic paradise

The throaty rumble of the boat across choppy waters Whooshes to secluded beaches in little splutters Advances towards the blissful haven Isolated; radiant heaven Waves roll gently in, caressing the golden sand Gritty specks, grasped in outstretched hand Blossoming flowers, tucked behind ears Whisper soothing tunes for all to hear There is little hurt blowingContinue reading “Krabi: Escape into idyllic paradise”

Elements of Thought

Throbbing aches Of a newly formed notion Coaxed out of tranquility; Conjured from wispy thin air- Forced to materialize, to be made aware Retaliating Lashing out Coiling spindly fingers throughout Leaving us with no choice but To live in perpetual fetters to inescapable contemplation In transient delusions of liberation Tied to aphoristic observations Significance inContinue reading “Elements of Thought”

New Year, Schnew Yarrr.

New Years, Christmases, birthdays- all these celebrations usually call for a cup of nostalgia and a spoon of melancholy, or else a flaming plate of excitement- but these past few days have been anything but so. Relatively phlegmatic, tranquil, and utterly devoid of lugubrious mournings of lost time. I think I’ve come to accept thatContinue reading “New Year, Schnew Yarrr.”