Understanding Xi Jinping’s US Visit

“The aversion to Chinese power is more than just mere sentiment; the belief in the value of antagonism in the form of checking Chinese expansion and anti-free market practices is widely held, especially in the West. But, Americans should be wary of the knee-jerk reaction to oppose China; it is far more beneficial to work with the Middle Kingdom than oppose it.”

Published my first article as a writer for the Stanford Political Journal just in time for Xi Jinping’s US visit this week. Check out the rest of the articles, they’re great – I’m excited to be part of the SPJ and look forward to the coming year!

On a personal note: I promise to post about my first few weeks at Stanford soon! I’ve been having an incredible time but it’s been hectic; I’ll post once I get some time on my hands.

Published by ruruhoong

Part-time economist, writer, tanguera. Full time glutton.

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