Truth, freedom, and identity: scattered travel thoughts

The contemporary struggle for truth and freedom isn’t quite contemporary; it’s a debate that existed long before the horrors of 2016 (I apologise for referencing Buzzfeed), Conway’s #alternativefacts, or the purported end-of-American-democracy-as-we-know it. We often hear that we are at crucial crossroads, teetering on a precipice of intolerance and deceit never before encountered — but the conflationContinue reading “Truth, freedom, and identity: scattered travel thoughts”

The Potential Loser in the Uber-Didi “Win-Win” (Hint: It’s Not Just the Anti-Uber Alliance)

The merger between Uber and Didi is one that is fraught with challenges and consequences that extend far beyond just the two companies themselves. To ensure that Chinese consumers are not disadvantaged, the Chinese government will have to closely monitor and regulate the Chinese ride-hailing industry. But if the merger can bring together China’s largestContinue reading “The Potential Loser in the Uber-Didi “Win-Win” (Hint: It’s Not Just the Anti-Uber Alliance)”

Third-Party Taxi Apps: A Sustainable Industry, or a Fleeting Trend?

“The rise of the ride-sharing app has no doubt redefined the taxi and car service business, but with investors eagerly throwing money at companies like Uber, it is important to ask: just how sustainable is the existing ride-sharing model?” Wrote another article for the Stanford Political Journal a couple weeks back but forgot to postContinue reading “Third-Party Taxi Apps: A Sustainable Industry, or a Fleeting Trend?”

Understanding Xi Jinping’s US Visit

“The aversion to Chinese power is more than just mere sentiment; the belief in the value of antagonism in the form of checking Chinese expansion and anti-free market practices is widely held, especially in the West. But, Americans should be wary of the knee-jerk reaction to oppose China; it is far more beneficial to workContinue reading “Understanding Xi Jinping’s US Visit”