I’m not a particularly avid photographer or anything, I just take shots of all the beautiful holidays my wonderful parents bring me on every year. With the dozens of cameras we have at home, I am sad to say we don’t have any functional DSLR that takes clear photos with brilliant resolution.

However, we do have multiple 3D cameras (which people don’t seem to have discovered yet, and at this stage cannot be supported on laptops or the internet), and numerous compact cameras (which, to be honest, have been rendered useless with the rise of smartphones). I have my own stash of analogue cameras, handed down by my grandfather and foolishly bought by an unknowing and trend-following [me].

This includes my Diana F+ (120 mm, 35 mm back, Polaroid insta-back), ActionSampler (35 mm), Pentax MX (35 mm) and Praktica MTL50 (also 35 mm).

At this point of time I find the Praktica too clunky (and it’s manual too Russian), so I haven’t tried it yet. The Diana is my baby, it’s versatility and virtually negligible weight makes it a perfect companion for any occasion. I love the interchangeable backs so I can experiment with different types of film.

Happy shooting!

♥ Ruru

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